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  • Sale Apartment Nice Carré d'or

    Apartment, Nice

    Sale Apartment Nice Carré d'or

    • €995,000
    • 3 rooms
    • 95 m²
  • Sale Office Nice Carré d'or

    Office, Nice

    Sale Office Nice Carré d'or

    • €695,000
    • 6 rooms
    • 148.7 m²



    Apartment, Nice


    • €695,000
    • 3 rooms
    • 2 bedrooms
    • 78.74 m²

Apartments for sale Carré d’Or Nice

If you are willing to buy an apartment in Nice, your best option is to contact Oréa Immobilier. Nice is not only one of the most interesting touristic cities but has also numerous advantages that make the city an attractive place where you can live or invest in a rental property.Districts such as Carré d’Or have a variety of assets, Oréa Immobilier invites you to discover a selection of apartments available in this area of Nice, for different budgets.

A prestigious address in the city of Nice

The quartier Carré d'Or is located on the waterfront. It is particularly well known because of its high fashion boutiques, which are notably located in the vicinity of Rue Paradis and Avenue Verdun. The Carré d'Or district is a prestigious address as highlighted by the multitude of high-class restaurants that you can count there.

The neighborhood is dynamic and well animated. You will only find apartments here, and our real estate agency offers you the best choice in terms of quality for your satisfaction. In addition to the restaurants and the hypermarket in this neighborhood, more than a hundred local shops are also counted in this area, which is a great asset to shop quietly when you decide to settle there in a second or primary residence.

Buying an apartment to rent or live in

Making an investment in real estate in Nice can be an excellent source for you to supplement your income. The pleasant living environment characteristic of the city is a certain guarantee of attractiveness. You therefore have every chance of finding tenants quickly, even if they are only seasonal rentals. The activities, the summer atmosphere that prevails most of the year, the proximity of the sea and the mountains are all points that justify that the magnificent apartments available in the Golden Square in Nice are particularly appreciated.

These different apartments are also excellent addresses if you want to have a privileged address in Nice for regular vacations for example. You will also easily find a suitable offer in our different apartments in case you are looking for a home as a primary residence in this privileged area of Nice.

What type of apartment are you looking for ?

The wide variety of apartments we offer for sale is composed of offers selected for their attractiveness. They are mostly recent apartments, perfectly maintained, and located in buildings with modern or classic architecture.

Whether you are looking for a 2 room, 3 room or 5 room apartment for example, Oréa Immobilier will help you to find the apartment that will suit you. Contact our team to state your preferences. We are committed to providing you with very attractive prices for wise investments.

Take advantage of an expert real estate agency

Our team has a perfect knowledge of the real estate market in Nice and in particular of the Carré d'Or district.

Oréa Immobilier is your unique contact to help you find a quality apartment within your budget. Contact our team to study your project of buying an apartment, and to take advantage of our team's expertise to make a wise choice.

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