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  • Rental Retail space Grasse La Marigarde

    Retail space, Grasse

    Rental Retail space Grasse La Marigarde

    • €11,406 / Month (Fees included)
    • 1103 m²
  • Rental Local Nice Cessole

    Local, Nice

    Rental Local Nice Cessole

    • €7,300 / Month (Fees included)
    • 900 m²
  • Rental Retail space Montauroux

    Retail space, Montauroux

    Rental Retail space Montauroux

    • €6,146 / Month (Fees included)
    • 520 m²
  • Rental Retail space Nice

    Retail space, Nice

    Rental Retail space Nice

    • €5,165 / Month (Fees included)
    • 110 m²
  • Rental Local Nice Cessole

    Local, Nice

    Rental Local Nice Cessole

    • €5,120 / Month (Fees included)
    • 400 m²
  • Rental Warehouse Nice Carabacel

    Warehouse, Nice

    Rental Warehouse Nice Carabacel

    • €3,335 / Month (Fees included)
    • 310 m²
  • Rental Warehouse La Trinité

    Warehouse, La Trinité

    Rental Warehouse La Trinité

    • €3,560 / Month (Fees included)
    • 220 m²
  • Rental Office Saint-André-de-la-Roche

    Office, Saint-André-de-la-Roche

    Rental Office Saint-André-de-la-Roche

    • €3,550 / Month (Fees included)
    • 10 rooms
    • 245 m²
  • Rental Office Nice Saint Antoine de Ginestière

    Office, Nice

    Rental Office Nice Saint Antoine de Ginestière

    • €3,604 / Month (Fees included)
    • 6 rooms
    • 188 m²
  • Rental Office Grasse

    Office, Grasse

    Rental Office Grasse

    • €3,011 / Month (Fees included)
    • 223 m²
  • Rental Office Saint-Laurent-du-Var Cap 3000

    Office, Saint-Laurent-du-Var

    Rental Office Saint-Laurent-du-Var Cap 3000

    • €3,125 / Month (Fees included)
    • 150 m²
  • Rental Warehouse Montauroux

    Warehouse, Montauroux

    Rental Warehouse Montauroux

    • €2,352 / Month (Fees included)
    • 165 m²

Renting a property with Oréa Immobilier

To rent a property that ensures your peace of mind, we are at your disposal. Indeed, the Oréa Immobilier agency offers you a turnkey service for secure rental. Our agency takes care of the entry and exit inventory, checking each item during the visit. &Nbsp;

When signing the lease, you will be asked for a security deposit, which will be refunded in full, unless it is necessary to carry out repair work when you leave.

Renting real estate through our expertise means first of all enjoying decent accommodation, which is proof of the mandatory diagnoses. Leave it to Oréa Immobilier to put together the rental file and draw up the rental lease in accordance with the rules of the art. The rental file must include a set of documents which may vary depending on your status: employment contract, last 3 payslips, last tax notice, joint surety act etc.

A team of rental management experts near you

Our offer is simple: we will find you as soon as possible the accommodation that perfectly matches your search criteria.

To determine the maximum amount of rent, the income of all tenants must be at least three times greater than the amount of rent including charges.

In order to find your ideal accommodation, let us know your search criteria: maximum rent amount (charges included), house or apartment, location, number of bedrooms, surface area. Contact us to discuss your real estate project or discover our listings available for rent via our website.

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