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Free estimate of your property

To ensure the sale of your property, we offer services that go beyond the simple search for the buyer. Indeed, Oréa Immobilier offers you its advice and expertise for all procedures relating to the sale of your property. &Nbsp;

Our experience and our efficiency are reflected in the accuracy of our estimate, by the good knowledge of the market from which we make you benefit, and by enhancing your home through a home staging service.  

Tips for getting the most out of your sale

We put forward proven strategies to offer all the visibility necessary for a rapid connection with the best clients.

Oréa Immobilier makes you benefit from its experience and effective communication channels to find a serious buyer as quickly as possible. Our reputation and our professional network are all assets that predict a quick sale.

Contact Orea Immobilier to benefit from full support

From the valuation of your property to the signing of the deed at the notary, Oréa Immobilier invites you to rely on its expertise. We support you for all the formalities relating to the transfer of your property.

Our team is at your side at every step: organizing visits to the property, verifying the legal procedures protecting you, signing the sales agreement, etc. Contact us for any additional information relating to the sale of your property.

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