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  • Sale Apartment Nice Cessole

    Apartment, Nice

    • €180,000
    • 2 rooms
    • 1 bedroom
    • 53.13 m²


  • Sale Apartment Nice Cessole

    Apartment, Nice

    • €139,000
    • 1 room
    • 1 bedroom
    • 32 m²


  • Rental Local Nice Cessole

    Local, Nice

    • €8,300 / Month (Fees included)
    • 900 m²
  • Rental Local Nice Cessole

    Local, Nice

    • €5,120 / Month (Fees included)
    • 400 m²
  • Rental Apartment Nice Cessole

    Apartment, Nice

    • €1,200 / Month (Fees included)
    • 3 rooms
    • 2 bedrooms
    • 50.25 m²

Apartments and houses for sale in the district of Cessole in Nice

Are you planning to buy a property in Nice? If you are looking for an apartment or a house for sale in the district of Cessole in Nice , the houses listings provided by Oréa Immobilier may interest you. Making an investment in this district means offering yourself, according to your preferences, a building with a magnificent view of the city , a beautiful swimming pool or a large terrace. Trust our agency that provides you with the best offers on the market.

Settle in the district of Cessole for a quiet and pleasant life 

If you are looking for an area where it is good to live with a peaceful atmosphere on a daily basis, Cessole will suit you perfectly. Whether it is sports facilities, schools, local shops or parking area, the locality has every essential amenity for a serene and fulfilling family life.

The residents of this district have several places where they can relax because of the many green spaces in it and the Jean Guillaud Park. Despite the calm that reigns there, Cessole remains a dynamic area mainly around the boulevard bearing its name and near Saint-Sylvestre. Very appreciated by the people of Nice, it extends over 0.5 km2.

Characteristics of apartments and houses for sale in the district of Cessole in Nice

Our accommodations have both styles : old and modern architecture . Thus, you can easily find goods with a classic structure and design. People wishing to buy new villas also have the chance to afford a sublime residence.

To simplify your task, our agency, thanks to its network of experienced partners, provides you with a collection of varied properties. They all have various characteristics so that the listings cover all types of requests. In addition, thanks to our selection criteria, we only submit quality properties to you. With us, you will make a beneficial investment, if you intend to rent the property.

Our real estate offers consist of multiple models, including apartments with large terraces with a panoramic sea view. You will also discover beautiful luxury residences in our offers. Apartments and houses with 2, 3 or 4 rooms, independent kitchen, or spacious balcony, you can make a choice adapted to your convenience.

To make a beneficial investment in the Cessole district, you need to have some knowledge of the real estate market. Visits, choice of premises, inspection of the premises, several parameters must be taken into consideration. For a quick action, trust our teams of experts in real estate purchase. They will help you, in record time, find the best accommodation possible.

In addition, with Oréa Immobilier, you can benefit from a personalized accompaniment. Far from simply putting you in touch with sellers, we assist you in all the stages leading to the acquisition of your property. You can seek our advice at any time during the transaction. Aware of the importance and the investment that a real estate purchase represents, we ensure quality services.

Contact Oréa Immobilier to learn more about our offers

Oréa Immobilier is composed of a strong team of experienced professionals. Their mastery of the market and their availability represent a springboard for reaching your objective. They will study your project in order to direct you to the offer that best meets your needs.

To find houses and apartments for sale in the Cessole district of Nice , see our property listings. And for all your questions, you can reach us by phone or by filling out our contact form.

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