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  • Sale Business assets Antibes Centre

    Business assets, Antibes

    • €471,600
    • 120 m²
  • Sale Apartment Antibes

    Apartment, Antibes

    • €358,000
    • 3 rooms
    • 2 bedrooms
    • 63.2 m²
  • Development Building Antibes

    Building, Antibes

    • €265,000
  • Sale Right to the lease Antibes

    Right to the lease, Antibes

    • €99,200
    • 74.5 m²

Apartments and houses for sale in Antibes

Do you have a real estate purchase project in Antibes? Oréa Immobilier allows you to choose among its  apartments and houses for sale in Antibes . Duplex,
apartment, loft, villas, we have several housing options according to your tastes and your needs to facilitate your installation in the beautiful city of Antibes.
More than a real estate agency at the heart of your purchase project, Oréa Immobilier remains your best ally in achieving your objectives. We remain by your side throughout the process of buying your home. The mastery of the Antipolitan real estate market by our experts allows us to guarantee you tailor-made accompaniment until we hand you over the keys of your new home.

Antibes: beautiful and discreet

Third city of the Alpes-Maritimes that enjoys a good reputation, the city of Antibes combines charm and discretion. Beautiful beaches, breathtaking landscapes dotted with hills, breathtaking views of the blue Mediterranean , it all set an inspiring backdrop that will blow your mind. The mild climate of Antibes, worthy of a Mediterranean coastal town, gives you a vacation feeling every day.
Antibes has several natural assets that distinguish it as a city where life is good. Enjoy the fine sea sand and the sun at the foot of the blue waves every day. With its nautical stations, Antibes also offers the right setting for your favorite snow sports with its many ski resorts.
Antibes is also home to several business opportunities and offers an attractive platform for commerce. Its proximity to the cities of Cannes and Nice gives you the choice of a nearby destination for vacations, business or events. By enjoying the beautiful views of the sea and landscape from our apartments and houses, you will certainly feel in Antibes like a bird in its nest.

Features of apartments and houses for sale Antibes

Spacious and sumptuous, the houses we offer for sale add to their charm the advantage of being well located in the heart of the city. We offer you a variety of choices among our well-located villas with sea view, large swimming pool, vast terrace , green space. You can also opt for our loft-style
apartments with spacious and fully furnished rooms. Our homes meet your tastes and adapt to your usage needs.
In particular, we have a collection of T3, T4 and T5 apartments and duplexes with independent rooms for all your needs: office, dressing room, laundry room, etc. The amenities installed in our apartments and houses for sale in Antibes combine trendiness and comfort and are adapted to your project, whether you are buying for a rental project or to live in.

Get the house that meets your project with Oréa

In addition to finding homes for you that best describe your project needs, we do everything we can to help you achieve your goals. Our experts study your needs and take them into account for finding the most suitable sales announcements.
Depending on whether you want to live in your house or rent it out, several criteria are evaluated by our professionals before presenting our proposals to you.
For the realization of your project, Oréa Immobilier plays an effective intermediary role between you and the selling owners in order to facilitate the negotiations. From the beginning to the signing of the sales contract , we remain your ally and ensure that the acquisition goes perfectly. Our experts will assist you in the purchase of your apartment or house for sale in Antibes .

Trust Oréa Immobilier for the purchase of your house in

Oréa Immobilier gathers real estate professionals who are available and ready to take in hand your real estate project in Antibes. We offer you a complete
accompaniment that considers your needs as well as your budget. Our experts benefit from a good experience of the real estate market of
and will be able to guide you in the best possible way according to your needs.
Check our list of properties for sale in Antibes and contact us to obtain more information about a particular home.

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