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  • 87 Ventes
  • Sale Apartment Nice Saint Maurice

    Apartment, Nice

    Sale Apartment Nice Saint Maurice

    • € 185,000
    • 3 rooms
    • 2 bedrooms
    • 49.7 m²


  • Sale Studio Nice

    Studio, Nice

    Sale Studio Nice

    • € 182,000
    • 1 room
    • 30.38 m²

  • Sale Apartment Nice Centre ville

    Apartment, Nice

    Sale Apartment Nice Centre ville

    • € 179,000
    • 2 rooms
    • 1 bedroom
    • 28 m²
  • Sale Apartment Cagnes-sur-Mer Centre-ville

    Apartment, Cagnes-sur-Mer

    Sale Apartment Cagnes-sur-Mer Centre-ville

    • € 172,000
    • 2 rooms
    • 1 bedroom
    • 54.98 m²
  • Sale Office Saint-André-de-la-Roche

    Office, Saint-André-de-la-Roche

    Sale Office Saint-André-de-la-Roche

    • € 167,000
    • 1 room
    • 100 m²
  • Sale Apartment Nice Acropolis

    Apartment, Nice

    Sale Apartment Nice Acropolis

    • € 160,000
    • 2 rooms
    • 33.23 m²
  • Sale Apartment Nice Gambetta

    Apartment, Nice

    Sale Apartment Nice Gambetta

    • € 156,000
    • 2 rooms
    • 1 bedroom
    • 34.42 m²


  • Sale Apartment Antibes Centre

    Apartment, Antibes

    Sale Apartment Antibes Centre

    • € 155,000
    • 1 room
    • 27.5 m²


  • Sale Apartment Nice Pasteur

    Apartment, Nice

    Sale Apartment Nice Pasteur

    • € 109,140
    • 1 room
    • 18.2 m²


  • Sale Village house Berre-les-Alpes

    Village house, Berre-les-Alpes

    Sale Village house Berre-les-Alpes

    • € 90,000
    • 3 rooms
    • 1 bedroom
    • 46 m²


  • Sale Business assets Nice Cessole

    Business assets, Nice

    Sale Business assets Nice Cessole

    • € 49,900
    • 28 m²
  • Sale Parking Nice Libération

    Parking, Nice

    Sale Parking Nice Libération

    • € 49,000

Buying your property with Orea Immobilier

Buying real estate can be the project of a lifetime. It is therefore normal to proceed with all the necessary care and precautions when it comes time to get started. real estate agency constituting the best insurance for the success of your real estate purchase project.  
Our seriousness, our professionalism, and all the attention that we pay to each of our interlocutors make us your partner for your real estate project in the best conditions.

Orea Immobilier   : for a simplified transaction to reduce them all

Our intervention simplifies the various stages of the search for the ideal property at all levels, as well as the procedures prior to the purchase itself.
The expertise of our agency brings unquestionable added value   : we have total control of the real estate sales procedures, our personalized support at each stage of the transaction.  

Opting for Orea Immobilier means choosing a secure transaction

The support of our team of experts provides you with clear insurance for the purchase of your property. To ensure your peace of mind, it is imperative to take into account all the legal questions which protect you until the signing of the authentic instrument, and even beyond.
Oréa Immobilier allows you to benefit from a regular transaction with regard to the regulations, and to complete all the substantive formalities which required a
With the wise advice of our team, we will find you the property that perfectly meets your requirements in terms of budget, location and characteristics.

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